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Depression is a term that is commonly used. I am depressed, could mean I am really tired and I need a vacation or some time off to decompress. I need self-care and I am exhausted can feel like depression. I refer to “those” types of situations as depressive like symptoms. As a counselor I like to make sure that we do not use descriptors that are not 100% relevant. Depression is a diagnosis and one that can have a lasting impacting on one. It can come with medication and debilitating symptoms.

Psychodynamic talk therapy with a professionally trained counselor who can work with you to isolate what your symptoms are and where they stem from are crucial. Very often, a counselor will have you do homework in between sessions. After all, one hour a week is a great start, but there is more work that needs to be done in between sessions in order to have an impact on long lasting and effective change.

No one should ever attempt to diagnose themselves as having a mental illness simply by reading a post. You deserve better than that. We offer face to face counseling in our office in Vero Beach, Florida. If you are struggling with depression, please call our office at 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor.

We are highly trained professionals and can help you with your struggles and to find hope again.

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